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The site is easy to use, free of trackers, cookies, and spyware, as well as coded in plain to read html / css.

Here you will find links to vital information for newcomers or anyone who happened to stumble upon this seemingly dark corner of the web. I hope this is a light of hope on your journey to being Alive and of Nature.


What is Pastlife.Works?

This is Pastlife's server for doing past life work things.

PASTLIFE is a play on words. It is an acronym for Pastlife's educational web-development project, as well as how Pastlife officially signs their works of art. PASTLIFE is actually an acronym that stands for several things, including but not limited to; Pastlife's Apache Server Test Linking Information For Everyone, and Pastlife's Attestations Serving Truthful Legitimacy Into Factual Existence.

PASTLIFE declares it's Self Sovereign, so long as it may receive the thread of "The Great Intel Processor", and the power of Natural Law, which flows herein. The True King (Natural Law) is a binding, immutable dynamic of Nature, which is above laws of men and said kings of men (man's laws). PASTLIFE reinforces the Fact that Kings can NOT create Law. Law Creates Kings.

PASTLIFE is of the essence of Natural Law, which is above all Laws. It is The Universal Truth. Pastlife Is Living for the Love of Truth and Is Living in the Real Christ Consciousness. It is The Right way to be.

Who is Pastlife?

My given name is Remo Alexander. I'm a Free, Natural, Loving Human Earthling. I, Remo, The Living Human Man, have used the alias, and gamertag, Pastlife, since pre 2008. This tag stuck because I've been working on healing my spirit by moving focus away from past-traumas, and preparing for going past-life in general. I was a bit of a graffiti artist in my youth and at one point did use that name as practice, but not to actually deface property. The tag found it's way to being my steam name as I started gaming instead of being a menace with a Montana can.

Remo (Pastlife) is now on a spiritual path to help the entire human race come to the realization of the importance of cultivating Love, Consciousness, and Truth; by discovering Natural Law, The Trivium Method, the non-aggression principle, coupled with basic principles of Self Defense. Remo is a vessel for "Pastlife of Pleiades". Remo is a Living Human, and a follower as well as an advocate for Universal Natural Law Rights.⚖️ Pastlife is just that, Past Life.

Some words to describe my general works would be;

Horticultural Skillset:

Plant Identification
In the world of horticulture, and the natural world in general, it is highly beneficial, if not essential to learn your plant varieties by observing their various characteristics and attributes. Plant Identification is the act of Identifying and Categorizing them by Botanical Nomenclature.
Plant Pest and Disease Identification
In the world of horticulture, and the natural world in general, you might actually starve if you do not learn the various pests your plant varieties will encounter. This is done by observing their various characteristics and attributes. Plant Pest and Disease Identification is the act of Identifying and Categorizing Plant Diseases scientifically.
Integrated Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management, or IPM for short is a decision-making process developed by the University of California at Davis, to determine pest levels and tolerance thresholds. It combines biological, cultural, physical, and chemical control methodologies to minimize health, environmental, and financial impacts to the agricultural operation.
Nursery / Greenhouse Management
I hold vocational certifications from a reputable college horticulture program in the areas of Nursery and Greenhouse Management. This means I am fully capable of making managerial decisions in a professional horticulture production environment. Experience with asexual propagation of hardwood and semi-hardwood perennials. Experience with sexual propagation of annuals and perennials. Experienced with grafting and air-laying techniques.
Landscape / Garden Design
You may not be able to tell from the looks of this site, but I do possess an artistic eye and a knack for design when it comes to the yard and garden. Most of this experience was learned on the job at various wholesale and retail nurseries I've worked at. But I also earned a solid foundation under the training of professional guidance during my college years. I am capable of producing bird-eye-view to-scale drawings as well as digital renderings of landscape designs.
Ornamental Traditional Pruning
Not the typrical mow blow and go. I do old-school hand pruning like your grandma did. I'm trained in ornamental horticulture and am capable of making confident cuts that will be beneficial to your landscape and it's utility for years to come.
Low Water / CA Native / pollinator plant specialist
My passion is building aplace for pollinators to really thrive. For that you really want someone who understands the native landscape soil and landscape, plant companionship, as well as which plants will really attract the desired pollinator, since there are a few. May favoprite are hummingbirds, and I have a fair amount of sun, so I love planting Salvias.

Information Technology Skillset

Spiritual Works

Ordained Minister. Founder and Great-Shaman, Pastlife, of The Order of the Holy Oval, in The Great State of Jefferson, and Ordained in The State of California as of 12-22-21

With all that said, I thank you for taking the time to drop by. This website was also built to inform others of the importance of utilizing Free and Open-source software technologies in order to better manage information in the field of horticulture. For more information on this, see the "goals" section below.


Here are a few goals that I have for myself, and for the site:

  1. Rebuild the mumble server. Currently there is no real murmur instance serving up to the chat subdomain.

  2. Rebuild LexRex site and post license.

  3. Gain Basic Proficiency in the following skills by building tutorial pages and update the site as I make progress.

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • Debian GNU/Linux admin.

    • BASH scripting

    • Git

    • Javascript

    • MySQL

    • PHP

    • Python

    • C / C# / C++

  4. Apply development knowledge to educational operation and demonstrate via video tutorials, distributed for free. Learn more niche applications such as 3D modeling, rendering, animation, and audio / video editing. Upload 3-D models to the site and display utilizing LBRY.

  5. Build a team of like minded people who want to help build any projects listed on the site.


If there are any projects that you interested in helping, you may donate to support the server.

Projects in the Works

  1. Research material on the following topics will be regularly uploaded to the server. The topics are those I'm most interested in, which include, but are not limited to the following;

    • horticultural sciences
    • health and wellness
    • natural human diet
    • spirituality
    • lost civilizations
    • ancient cultures
    • human consciousness
    • the occult and secret societies
    • paranormal phenomena
    • conspiracies
  2. Starseed_Growers

    I have been professionally trained in the agricultural sciences, in the field of horticulture. My horticultural skills include landscape design & management, nursery & greenhouse production, pest & disease management, and plant propagation.

      Goals for the Starseed Growers Project:

    • Finish the Plant ID sheets (libreoffice-calc and libreoffice-base)
    • Plant Database Web Application (MySQL, PHP)
    • 3D Plant models and animations (Blender)
    • Nursery Management Application (Coded in serveral languages and native for Linux)
    • GUI Nursery Management Application (Coded in serveral languages and native for Linux, ported for Windows)
    • 3D Virtual Nursery Management Simulation Application using Godot (game engine) , Blender, Krita, and Linux.
  3. Linux Admin and Development Tutorial Series

    Currently I'm focusing a lot of energy on learning information technology. My main focus is on Linux/GNU system administration, database administration, block-chain technologies, attempting to learn a bit of programming, and web-development. This is my main focus for my work at this point in my life. The reason for this is also to help spread the message of Truth and Universal Natural Law Rights, to a much wider audience, with a focus on decentralization, privacy, and censorship resistance.

  4. Digital Arts Gallery

    I have also been a lifelong art dabbler. I would not call myself a learned artist, but I would say I am artistically skilled. See the Art section for updates.

  5. Support my Web Development


My main email is: contact [AT] pastlife [DOT] works

You can also catch me online with these links:

If you'd like to communicate securely we can use encrypted messages.

Here is my Public GPG key:

You can find my public key here as well: PGP Global Direcory

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