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How did I get into crypto?

Well around 2019 I had the sudden thought to get into some sort of open source developement and/or learn to mine some crypto with my newly aquired Linux system administration skills. I did just that. When I first started out on this journey I had no idea where to start. Who do you trust? How do I learn this stuff? Will I get hacked or something by asking the wrong questions in the wrong forum or something? Perhaps you have similar questions yourself.

Now that I've been learning about this for a while, I realize that these are common questions for someone just getting into crypto-currencies for the first time. In the future this page should help answer some of the questions any crypto-newbies may have. I hope to have a comprehensive tutorial posted here one day. For now, here are some qr-codes to scan.

For those of you already using crypto. Here are the coins that are accepted for donations:

You can email the server admin from this page, or visit the links page for more detailed instructions from outside sources.

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