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Pastlife advocates the use of Free software or Open Source at all times and in all computing work, research, leisure, and production. I also advocate for running hardware that it compatible with, and friendly to, Free and Open source software development by way of monetary contributions. The reasoning for this is purely ethical. The concepts of Free software should be very important to the researchers and teachers of the Truth and Freedom movement. The reasoning for this is sound, because Free Software is much more respectful to your Individual Human Rights, and is more in an alignment with Natural Law, as well as to the work of de-occulting the current technocracy that is imposing a digital slavery on everyone. Proprietary software is victimizing its users (the used) and is committing Illegal Transgressions of Natural Law (via usury or theft, by occulsion of computing information and source documentation). Advocating for the use of proprietary software, just for "it's increased performace or software compitibility", lacks merit and works to normalize the technocratic occultacracy.

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If you'd like to get involved and you have a considerable amout of endurance for the Linux development atmosphere, please do contact us at

There will be some great additions to the site revolving around these ideas and how we will implement them.

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