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Users who violate this user agreement may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law in the event of a crime, or other Illegal Trangression of Natural Law!

Gifting Policy:

All gifts are non-refundable. These are personal, individual/business to individual/business, usually done with USD in cash. Gifts can also be something tangible, such as computer parts or a new vehicle. They also include transfers of funds from one bank account to a another, or one crypto wallet to another. The gifter can not claim the value of the gift as a tax deduction. When a gift is given, it is the donor who is responsible for the tax, not the individual or organization on the receiving end.


There are no official donations to PASTLIFE.WORKS. This is because PASTLIFE isn't a corporation or a non-profit entity, PASTLIFE is not tax-deductible, nor a charitable organization. All "donations" are referred to as so for use in convience of conversation, and are stated here factually as gifts. (see above definition)

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