Terms of Use Pertaining to Salvia divinorum subjects:

You are required to have completed written consent of fully reading and received a copy of the Salvia divinorum User's Guide before making a donation adequate for the receiving of a gift containing Salvia divinorum, to Starseed Growers Guild (a.k.a. Starseed & Daughters on Paypal) or any other affiliate of Pastlife.Works. The Saliva guide can be found at Daniel Seibert's Website.

The Server & The Administrator or affiliates are not responsible for any ill-intended or unfortunate losses of person or property, damages to financial, physical or psychological wellbeing, or any negative consequences of the user's actions. By making an adequate donation, you are agreeing that all consequences and/or outcomes involving the abuse (or misuse) of any product(s) by the end user; which was obtained in any way from, shipped by, or supplied by pastlife.works, lexrex.xyz, Starseed-Growers-Guild, Starseed & Daughters, or any of it's affiliates; are the direct result of the actions of the end user. Any statement made on this website, or it's affiliates, should not be taken into consideration to treat, diagnose, or attempt to cure any sort of illness, or other health condition. By making a donation and receiving a gift consisting of a Salvia divinorum based product, the donor, by donating is stating they agree they are 18 years of age or older, and is aware of their local laws and regulations surrounding Salvia divinorum. Any minor attempting to purchase or obtain Salvia divinorum products, or anyone breaking these terms and conditions MAY BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW! Pastlife.Works accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any use of any products supplied. The buyer is fully responsible for any punitive damages, personal injury - both physical/mental/emotional, lost income or values, loss of use of product and any loss of property or even life(lives) that may result from the purchase or use of any of our products. All Salvia divinorum Products are sold "Not For Human Consumption" and are meant for aesthetic/ornamental purposes, decorations, herbarium specimen collection, legitimate research, propagation, incense, spiritual significance, and educational purposes only. No statements or information here has been evaluated by the FDA or any 3 letter agencies. They can go piss up a rope! It is the donors responsibility to know and abide by Natural Law, local laws, local authorities and regulations, whether state/province or government regulations is accepting or in accordance with any products available on Pastlife.Works

By donating and receiving gifts pertaining to Salvia divinorum, the user and donor is agreeing that they are not any sort of law-enforcement officer, government official, or employee of any government agency. The buyer also agrees that they are not associated with any government agency, nor have they been instructed to purchase Salvia divinorum under any sort of orders from any controlling force.

We only ship outside the US on case-by-case basis. Please contact me for more information.